5 Ways to Really Hit Those Goals

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of the New Year as you suddenly begin to realize all that you need to accomplish in terms of you and your business. It’s time to begin your plan of attack on how you’re going to really hit your goals for 2017. Write it Down You are much more likely to make these goals happen if you hold yourself accountable! Start with one goal and write it down in your planner, a notebook, your laptop—whatever it is you check the most so it’s present in your mind. Break it Down Once you write it down, it’s time to make it happen. Begin by breaking your goal down into smaller and simpler tasks that you can complete each week or each month. It’s so easy to get discourag

Small Biz Highlight: Red Door DesignWorks

Whenever I get a chance (more like the time) I love to rave about our wonderful clients. This week I'm talking all about Red Door DesignWorks out of Arlington, MA. How we met: Like many of our clients, we met through a networking group. Co-owners Allison and Andrea have been attending the Arlington Business Collaborative Group with me for a while now and throughout the months we developed a great relationship! Working together: After some great initial conversations, they decided they wanted guidance on their brand direction and improving their current online and community marketing strategy, such as connecting with local realtors, contractors and architects. What they do: Celebrating 10 y

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