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Together we will define, evaluate and develop a marketing campaign and strategy to successfully  market your  business.  The day to day campaign will  be executed by us (Creative TK Consulting), helping you focus on other important business matters! 





Defining and understanding your goals is exetremly important when developing a marketing plan.  


  • Defining Your  Success

  • Defining  & Reviwing Your Goals 


Evaluating and understanding all your marketing options can be overwhelming. We will take you through this process step by step, eliminating the wrong  and highlighting the right options for you. 


  • Review Marketing Outlets

  • Evaluate Current Needs & Options


Developing   your marketing campaign is the fun part.  We look forward to putting together the right marketing plan that is designed for you and your budget. 

  • TK Consulting  Develops Your Marketing Campaign


Executing  your marketing campaign is a weekly excercise.  Let us ensure your campaign is carried out successfully while you take on more important tasks. 

  • TK Consulting  Carries Out Day To Day Marketing
  • Communication & Colloboration On Weekly Basis

Developing Your Marketing Campaign 

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