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The Micro Marketing Club: A Monthly Membership for Small Business Owners

On a mission to make your marketing more consistent than ever! 


What your monthly membership includes

A Marketing Coach: Each Monday, you'll receive manageable micro marketing tasks that will take you no longer than 20 minutes! The tasks will come in both video and written format. These tasks are designed to help you succeed and become consistent with your marketing efforts. We will cover everything from social media management to email marketing to community engagement. The tasks will change with the seasons, so you’ll always be ready for what's next (no more forgetting your marketing on a whim)!

A Boss/Cheerleader: I’ll check in with you a few days later as a friendly reminder to complete your micro tasks. We build confidence in marketing our businesses by taking action, so I won’t leave you high and dry!

Best Value

Micro Marketing Member



Every month

Let's Start Marketing Your Business Consistently!

Valid until canceled

Your first month is just $10 with code "TheClub10"

Receive weekly tasks with follow-up to stay consistent!

Get motivated and inspired weekly!

Club Members get access to library of training videos!


Who’s it for?

Whether you're a small business owner of a yoga studio or an accounting firm, we all have something in common—we need to promote our businesses but have limited budgets and zero time. Oh, and we overthink every marketing choice! This is why I developed the Micro Marketing Club—to be the coach, boss, and cheerleader you never knew you needed as a small business owner (or maybe you did)!

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