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4 Ways to Develop and Share Content

Spending time gathering content for your small business can be time-saving and most importantly, fun. In order to establish a stress-free marketing strategy, try building a collection of photographs, blog post and email blasts ahead of time to help prepare and organize.

Another plus – you have awesome inventory to search through if you ever need a quick post idea.

Here are some ways you can start to think about how to organize and share your content. This includes photos, posts, tweets and any other way to share content with your consumers via social media!

  • Educate: Use photographs/videos and content that teaches your followers something new related to your industry…after all, you are the expert.

  • Inspire: Share an inspiring moment or photograph you experienced or took yourself and inspire your viewers to do the same; This is a great way to build a personal connection.

  • Behind the scenes: Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem…allow your audience to see what life is like behind the scenes of your business! Connecting to your consumers over REAL LIFE situations can be a fun way to experiment with your personality and tone over social media.

  • Lifestyle: And of course, what kind of lifestyle does your business offer? If you are selling a product or service put it into context! Sell your consumer the lifestyle, not just the product.

Try to save photos from each of these categories that way you will be prepared for your future posts!

Need help with photos? Click here to get some great stock- free images.

Thanks for reading!

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