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Happy Holidays, A Message from Taylor

As I write this the snow is falling and the Christmas music is blasting! Needless to say, life is good

This past fall we celebrated six years of being in business! For some reason, this feels like a really big deal and am so thankful/lucky to get to work with fantastic small businesses and mentor so many great young women.

These last two years have felt different from the previous four. The biggest difference comes down to time. I wasn't able to spend as much time as I would have liked on promoting my own business; putting speaking engagements, networking and blogging on the back-burner while I focused all my attention on client needs and raising my two young babies. Through this season of change, I relied heavily on my team members. They were and continue to be amazing and have been a crucial part of why Creative TK continues to be so successful. (There's no "I" in team, right!)

My time is now divided between running Creative TK and spending time with my family. Many nights I am working at night, on the weekends, during nap times, and while they go to school. Both "jobs" fill me with so much gratitude and love that I could never give up one for the other.

Our clients have been nothing short of amazing through all of this. Maybe it's because they are also small business owners and get juggling families and running their businesses. Or maybe it's because they are just really good people ... probably a combo of both!

Every client has been SO supportive. Always asking "how are the kids" and never getting bothered by sometimes having to email with me at 8 pm vs. 11 am. I will forever be grateful to this business and my clients for allowing me this space to be the mother I want to be while also keeping my business alive and well.

This somehow feels like I have reached a milestone. Not sure what that milestone is or why I feel this way, but I'm excited to get back to being creative, networking and showing my face more! I wish you the very best holiday season with your families and for your business too, of course!

THANK YOU to my clients, employees, family and friends to being there for me, always.

xo Tay

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