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Maximizing your reach during the holiday season!

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us! Although it is a time filled with family, friends, and love, the holidays can be a difficult time to navigate for small businesses. With consumers ready to spend and marketing campaigns from big retailers flooding the media, it can be difficult for small businesses to capitalize on such an eager market.

Check out these four tips to help your small business create marketing collateral to capitalize on this holiday season!

Promotions & Deals:

  • Consumers are primed to make purchases during the holiday season. Various promotional offers and discount codes are a great way to attract customers to your small business! Make sure offers are tailored to specific customer bases, like loyalty members, new customers, and students, to aid in your targeting efforts.

Cohesive Campaigns:

  • A holiday marketing campaign is a must to attract customers! Take the time to create aesthetically pleasing campaign content. Posters, social media posts and website additions should all have similar design elements that signify cohesiveness and uniformity to viewers. Keep in mind that a holiday season marketing campaign should be inclusive.

Social Media Posts:

  • Frequent posts on social media accounts that urge customers to purchase in-store, buy online, or interact will create more buzz for your small business. Instagram stories or FaceBook posts that give followers daily reminders about deals will keep your small business at the top of their minds. Including phrasing like “Limited Time Only” or “25% Today Only” in your posts can also generate a sense of urgency to purchase! Make sure posts are frequent, easy to understand, and cohesive across the rest of your holiday marketing campaign.

Community Involvement:

  • Your small business is a valuable part of your community! Take advantage of this during holiday community events! Consider sponsoring a holiday event or attending events like craft fairs, charity events, or galas to bring your small business to the forefront of your community. A highly regarded small business that is active in the community during the holiday season will bring in valuable business.

These four tips will help your marketing efforts translate to success this holiday season! Always remember to implement your marketing strategy in a purposeful way that aligns with the mission of your small business. A successful marketing campaign is central to the holiday season.


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