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Taylor Kloss: Founder and Principal

Like every other business, we all have a story as to how and why we became an entrepreneur. My story began in September of 2013 when the opportunity to help a few small businesses in Newburyport opened my eyes to the possibility of starting up my very own business.  After a few weeks of pondering the idea, doing market research, and getting the support of my friends and family I said "hey, why not" and opened the doors to Creative TK Consulting.


Since then my team and I have helped hundreds of small businesses and have loved every step of the way.  Throughout my nine years in business, I have learned that no two businesses are the same but they all need a good promoter!


Meghan Lapery: Project Manager

Meghan, a recent graduate from the University of Tampa with a degree in marketing, has actively collaborated with small businesses during her academic tenure. Specializing in enhancing social media presence, she developed a keen interest in pursuing a career in marketing post-graduation. Beyond her professional endeavors, Meghan loves to travel spend time with her with friends and family.

Becca Cunnah: Project Manager

Meet Becca Cunha, a Salem, NH resident sharing life with her husband and daughter. With a heart for early intervention and a stint in first-grade teaching, Becca pivoted into the dynamic world of marketing after embracing motherhood. 

Beyond work, Becca savors moments like coffee runs, playtime with her daughter, and family adventures at Target. In a sweet twist, she bartended at Taylor's wedding, a testament to their enduring friendship.

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