What to Wear?

First impressions aren’t always accurate, but in the business world they are extremely important. When meeting with clients regularly and gaining business, what you wear and how you present yourself can be crucial for how others perceive you and your business! Dress for your Client Think of yourself as a product you are trying to sell! Are you too expensive? Too Cheap? Is your attire appropriate for what you are trying to sell? Is the client leaving the meeting confused that an associate from a fashion blog was wearing leggings at their first encounter? Always remember to dress appropriately for your client and for your business. If you feel that a business suit is too overdressed for your m

15 Budget-Friendly Ways To Market Your Business

Marketing your business doesn't have to break the bank. As a business owner, there are many way to effectively market your business without pouring endless money into advertisements. Here are 15 awesome (and cost-friendly) ways to promote your small business - Let's get creative with ways to stretch your marketing dollars: 1. Send clients branded cards: A thank you note or congratulations does not go unnoticed, especially when it is properly branded and sent on time... make it even more person by handwriting your notes to clients. 2. Email marketing: First off, it is important to build your master email list - collect email addresses in your storefront and at networking events. Once you have

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