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What to Wear?

First impressions aren’t always accurate, but in the business world they are extremely important. When meeting with clients regularly and gaining business, what you wear and how you present yourself can be crucial for how others perceive you and your business!

Dress for your Client

Think of yourself as a product you are trying to sell! Are you too expensive? Too Cheap? Is your attire appropriate for what you are trying to sell? Is the client leaving the meeting confused that an associate from a fashion blog was wearing leggings at their first encounter? Always remember to dress appropriately for your client and for your business. If you feel that a business suit is too overdressed for your meeting it’s okay to dress more comfortably. Sometimes a nice pair of dark jeans (without holes!) is casual and nice enough without giving the wrong impression. Even if you are meeting with a close friend or partner you have done business with before, remember you are still selling yourself and have to remain professional.

Dress your age

The fashion world is always changing and at times it’s a struggle to keep up with the trends the “younger” crowd is wearing. I find that even if you can’t afford the next new look it’s important to build your base of “basics.” By basics I mean items of professional clothing that NEVER go out of style. A nice pair of khakis, a classy white button up shirt, a colored blazer and of course a statement necklace will always be a trendy and professional go-to look you won’t be breaking the bank for. So as an “older” businesswoman, those high stilettos and pencil skirts all the trendy “younger” businesswoman are wearing may not be the look for you. Always think basics! Black never goes out of style.

Let your personality show through!

It’s important to be personable with your clients, especially at the first meeting you don’t want to seem too dull or conservative. If you have a bubbly and out-going personality channel that through your look. Matching black and white with bright colors is a perfect way to be bold and professional without your outfit screaming for attention. If you choose to wear a bright dress, match it with a pair of nude flats. Floral patterns look best with solid colors. Think of it this way, matching a bold item with a neutral one will keep your outfit balanced, without taking away from your personality.

Clothing can really help affect your confidence, and having balance between the right look and attitude is essential. By letting your style compliment your personality, you are keeping true to yourself in a professional environment.

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