Fowles Market

How our relationship developed: Fowle's Market will always have a special place in my heart, as they were one of my first clients and helped motivate me to start my own business, Creative TK. When you're a brand new business owner, all you need is someone to give you a chance to prove yourself and Fowle's Market was gracious enough to give me this amazing opportunity. Andrew (former part-owner of Fowle's) and I met on a Chamber of Commerce boat cruise. His family just purchased Fowels Market and they needed assistance with social media and PR. Together, we came up with a strategic plan that would help promote their business in the busy and slower months. Over the next year and half, we worke

The Brass Lyon

How our relationship developed: Diane Gronbeck, co-owner of The Brass Lyon, and I met when I was volunteering at a Newburyport Chamber of Commerce event in winter of 2013. My business was super new (only 3 months old) and Diane was in the need for some social media help! After a meeting with both Ed & Diane at their home in Newburyport, we began working together on a marketing plan that included social media, product photography, website updates and email marketing. Fast forward two years and we are still happily working together! Sending a big thanks to Ed & Diane for always being so supportive of my business. I truly appreciate our partnership and friendship and look forward to working to

Dragonfly Photography

How our relationship developed: Rachael, owner of Dragonfly Photography, is my sister, so our relationship began a long time ago! Our work relationship began about three years ago when she gave me the title of Marketing Director when my career was in flux (I just returned home from a 3-month cross country trip and was undecided on my next career move). This was the start of a beautiful working relationship that we still have to this day. As the official Marketing Director for Dragonfly Photography, I made sure she was a part of various networking events, including the Chamber of Commerce in Newburyport, MA. I would attend these networking events with her because of course, I was her Marketin

How a marketing strategy & timeline can help your small business!

Do you ever feel like you have a marketing plan then suddenly, it's three months later and you did absolutely nothing you set out to do to help your business? If you're raising your hand... you're not alone! Many small business owners, including myself, find it extremely hard to find the time for grassroots marketing. Everything from managing social media (I mean really making connections... not just using hootsuite), to creating and sharing valuable content via email marketing and connecting with local businesses all sound great, but often get pushed to the end of your to-do list. As a small business marketing expert, I totally get it and understand the struggles small businesses goes t

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