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Fowles Market

How our relationship developed: Fowle's Market will always have a special place in my heart, as they were one of my first clients and helped motivate me to start my own business, Creative TK. When you're a brand new business owner, all you need is someone to give you a chance to prove yourself and Fowle's Market was gracious enough to give me this amazing opportunity.

Andrew (former part-owner of Fowle's) and I met on a Chamber of Commerce boat cruise. His family just purchased Fowels Market and they needed assistance with social media and PR. Together, we came up with a strategic plan that would help promote their business in the busy and slower months. Over the next year and half, we worked together on building a strong social media presence, email marketing, graphic design, event planning and PR (scoring a big story in the Newburyport Magazine). I learned a lot from the Fowle's Market team and will forever be thankful for the opportunity they gave me!

About Fowel's Market: Fowle's Market specializes in fine delicatessens providing prepared foods to-go, including meals, sandwiches and party platters, as well as a butcher shop and gourmet foods shop. If you find yourself looking for the perfect piece of meat to grill up along with some tasty homemade sides, then Fowle's Market is your place to go! In addition, they also sell delicious wines and craft beers.

Fowle's Market

Address: 341 High St, Newburyport, MA

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-7 - Sunday, 9-5 Phone: 978-465-9028 Email:

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