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Dragonfly Photography

How our relationship developed: Rachael, owner of Dragonfly Photography, is my sister, so our relationship began a long time ago! Our work relationship began about three years ago when she gave me the title of Marketing Director when my career was in flux (I just returned home from a 3-month cross country trip and was undecided on my next career move). This was the start of a beautiful working relationship that we still have to this day.

As the official Marketing Director for Dragonfly Photography, I made sure she was a part of various networking events, including the Chamber of Commerce in Newburyport, MA. I would attend these networking events with her because of course, I was her Marketing Director (and was a little lost without my normal 9-5 job). At these events, she would tell other small businesses how I'm helping her with all her marketing needs and the next question would be "can she help me with my marketing?". After we got this questions 3-5 times I started to see a trend: small businesses need help with marketing (ding the light goes off)!

I saw the opportunity and seized it... that's how Creative TK was born!

About Dragonfly Photography: Rachael is an amazing lifestyle photographer, capturing everything from weddings and newborns to corporate events. I am proud to say she is the winner of 3 BONS awards and most recently was voted best wedding photographer, editor's choice for the BONS wedding awards. Her work captures not only a moment, but also portrays a personality and is nothing short of amazing. I'm so lucky I got the chance to learn from her.

Dragonfly Photography

Covering Portsmouth & Newburyport

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