4 Ways to Develop and Share Content

Spending time gathering content for your small business can be time-saving and most importantly, fun. In order to establish a stress-free marketing strategy, try building a collection of photographs, blog post and email blasts ahead of time to help prepare and organize. Another plus – you have awesome inventory to search through if you ever need a quick post idea. Here are some ways you can start to think about how to organize and share your content. This includes photos, posts, tweets and any other way to share content with your consumers via social media! Educate: Use photographs/videos and content that teaches your followers something new related to your industry…after all, you are the ex

Crafty Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Sending a physical thank you note is a rarity these days and a great way to make someone feel special. We love handwritten notes because they are warm, personal and a reflection of your business. Three questions answered: Who should I send a card to? Think about a recent meeting you attended or a valuable customer that has supported your business throughout the years. These are great examples of people who deserve this nice gesture. How can I make my card stand out? Try making thank you cards with your own personal style. We love using glitter, poms-poms, and stamps to make each card special. Do my cards need to be branded? Yes! Every card you send should have your logo or brand messaging on

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