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Crafty Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Sending a physical thank you note is a rarity these days and a great way to make someone feel special. We love handwritten notes because they are warm, personal and a reflection of your business.

Three questions answered:

Who should I send a card to? Think about a recent meeting you attended or a valuable customer that has supported your business throughout the years. These are great examples of people who deserve this nice gesture.

How can I make my card stand out? Try making thank you cards with your own personal style. We love using glitter, poms-poms, and stamps to make each card special.

Do my cards need to be branded? Yes! Every card you send should have your logo or brand messaging on it. Don't think that just because you're using glitter doesn't mean your card can't be well-branded. We love taking our logo icon (the bike) and stamping it with embossing powder. It's fun but also branded!

What crafty ways do show your clients love?

Thanks for reading!

Taylor & Crew |


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