Small Biz Highlight: Flukes & Finds

Flukes & Finds in Newburyport, MA is one of my favorite stores of all time. When I was little, my mother used to take me here on a weekly basis to hunt for treasures... This may be where my passion for all things vintage began. Our relationship: The new owner of Flukes & Finds, Susan, attended my social media presentation this past Fall. After the presentation, she reached out to me about helping her re-brand Flukes & Finds' website along with helping improve their social media marketing presence and consistency. Fast forward to now (June 2017) and we have been working together since December. Our team has helped her create a newly branded website (that is mobile friendly and shows off thei

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Followers

It’s simple. Having more followers means more clients and more clients leads to greater success for your business! These days, there is no escaping social media. It is integrated into everyone and everything . . . so let’s use it to our advantage! Although each platform is different, these five ways will help you to improve your followers on just about every social media platform! Post Regularly You can’t expect to have a ton of followers if you have nothing to show them! Set a goal for yourself to post a certain number of times a week and be sure to stay active on your accounts. This applies to every single platform whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Build up your

10 Ways to Market Your Business This Summer

As the seasons change, so should your marketing strategies. This is especially true living in New England where people practically hibernate in the winter, and then all of a sudden spring and summer hit us and we become way more active. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to get more clients interested in your business. It’s time to get creative by trying out some of the following ways you can successfully market your business this summer! Give Away a Product People are immediately attracted to anything with “free” in front of it. Give away a free product if your business and budget permit you to do so. This is a great way to give your potential clients a taste of what you can offe

Small Biz Highlight: Christy LeMire Wellness

Meet Christy, owner of Christy LeMire Wellness out of Newburyport, MA. Christy specializes in working with clients on Holistic Nutrition, Yoga & Reformer Pilates, Cleansing, and Wellness Coaching. How we met: Christy and I met through a mutual friend and fellow entrepreneur, Matt Forcier. We held our first meeting on a very hot summer's day outside of Atomic Cafe and have been teaming up/working together ever since! Our relationship: Our working relationship first developed by us helping one another out. I wanted some private yoga lessons, while Christy needed some help with designing a branded look for her business. Over the years, We have assisted with various website projects and design w

6 Monthly Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing

Running a small business is undeniably a tall order in and of itself. The job gets even more stressful when we have to throw marketing into the mix. However, it is important to organize and complete the essential marketing to-do’s so that you can work as effectively as possible while yielding the highest amount of success for your business. Here are six critical marketing tasks we suggest you do every month! Email Marketing We’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but we cannot stress enough the importance of email marketing! This is highly effective since everyone has an email. It’s simply impossible to not have one in the world we live in. Email marketing can be one of the most eff

Small Biz Highlight: Makeup by Nancy

Makeup by Nancy is owned by Nancy Gorman, a talented makeup artist out of the Newburyport, MA area. Nancy is not only our good friend, but also one of our wonderful clients! We continue to cherish our working and personal relationship throughout the years. How we met: Nancy and I met working in similar networking groups out of Newburyport. Our relationship: Our working relationship began when Nancy did my makeup for various videos and photo shoots. By sitting in her makeup chair and getting to see her business from a customer's standpoint, it was an easy transition when it came time to help her promote her business. Over the years, our team has helped Nancy update her website, design promoti

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