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10 Ways to Market Your Business This Summer

As the seasons change, so should your marketing strategies. This is especially true living in New England where people practically hibernate in the winter, and then all of a sudden spring and summer hit us and we become way more active. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to get more clients interested in your business. It’s time to get creative by trying out some of the following ways you can successfully market your business this summer!

Give Away a Product People are immediately attracted to anything with “free” in front of it. Give away a free product if your business and budget permit you to do so. This is a great way to give your potential clients a taste of what you can offer them.

Offer a Free Consultation If you do not own the type of business that allows you to give away a small product based on the services you provide, offer a free consultation for a limited period of time whether it be two weeks, a month, etc. This will surely help you gain more clients if they don’t have to pay for this initial service.

Feed the Crowd Food (and drinks) is the way to anyone’s heart. Have the location of your business provide samples of what you are selling so that you can engage customers and increase sales. Whether your business deals with this industry or not, simply providing people with ice water and paper cups with your logo at an event will draw attention and allow you to stand out.

Hold a Contest An easy way to market your business in the summertime that does not require a lot of work on your end is to hold a contest via email. If you send out a monthly newsletter, highlighting this contest will not only give people a chance to win a generous product, but even more importantly will generate traffic to your newsletter and website.

Show Off Your Work Just as the seasons change, so does your work! Share your summer work and final products on social media platforms that you are active on. This will inspire the wants and desires of potential clients to reach out to you during this season when they can be motivated by the visuals you provide.

Use the Holidays Whether it’s the 4th of July, Labor Day, or simply time to go back to school, use holidays to your advantage. People are more willing to spend money when it comes to established holidays than any other typical day because they have a clear reason to do so.

Follow Weather and Local Happenings Is your area experiencing unordinary weather? Did something happen in your town where a lot of people are in need of a service that you can offer? This is a critical time to market your business. Provide the relief your potential clients need from 90 degree weather or say a natural disaster that affected your town by marketing your services. People are more willing to come to you during a vulnerable period such as a time of intense weather or local happenings.

Host an Outdoor Event Summer means more free time and more free time means more parties! It’s time to host your own get-together whether it be hosting a skills class or a simple networking party with cocktails to get people up and moving!

Go Where the People Are Is your business located in a high foot traffic area? It’s time to actually put yourself out there by hitting up these hot spots and handing out flyers, for instance, with your logo and any special deals you are offering.

Show Off Your Brand Take some pride in your brand by purchasing products with your logo on them. It can be as simple as a bumper sticker to get into the spirit of outdoor marketing. The more people see it, the more well-known your business will become!

What summer events and promotions do you have lined up? Share them with us!

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