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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Followers

It’s simple. Having more followers means more clients and more clients leads to greater success for your business! These days, there is no escaping social media. It is integrated into everyone and everything . . . so let’s use it to our advantage! Although each platform is different, these five ways will help you to improve your followers on just about every social media platform! Post Regularly You can’t expect to have a ton of followers if you have nothing to show them! Set a goal for yourself to post a certain number of times a week and be sure to stay active on your accounts. This applies to every single platform whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Build up your profile with a solid foundation of photos or posts so that you’re followers have something to see when they check it out. Post Original Content Creating a profile is the perfect opportunity to form the identity of your business. It’s time to show your followers who you are and what your business is all about by posting original content! Take your own pictures of the work that reflects your business and whatever it is you go through daily that inspires you. People like to see visually stimulating photos that reflect the individuality of yourself and your business. It makes you more relatable and more likely to get those followers. Write Engaging Captions One way to make your content more original is to really take the time to thoughtfully write out your captions and posts. The key to this, of course, is to have it reflect who you are as well as your business. Keep your posts consistently YOU. This will help you build a relationship with your followers while also gaining new ones. Additionally, keep your posts and captions relatively short. Most people who regularly spend time on social media aren’t looking to read a novel. Have your caption fit the general attention span of your followers (which is not very long!).

Interact With Others Social media is all about building relationships with your followers and getting to know them as much as they know you. Comment on other material that you like and don’t forget to return a compliment! Maintain an active role on your accounts by starting conversation and responding back to others. Your business is more likely to be successful if clients trust the people they are working with. Make Yourself Known Including yourself in your posts puts a face to your business’s name. Show your followers who you are by literally showing them you! When you’re open about your life, your followers will be more willing to reach out to you and be comfortable doing so. Here at Creative TK we are all about forming valuable relationships with our clients because it makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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