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6 Monthly Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing

Running a small business is undeniably a tall order in and of itself. The job gets even more stressful when we have to throw marketing into the mix. However, it is important to organize and complete the essential marketing to-do’s so that you can work as effectively as possible while yielding the highest amount of success for your business. Here are six critical marketing tasks we suggest you do every month! Email Marketing We’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but we cannot stress enough the importance of email marketing! This is highly effective since everyone has an email. It’s simply impossible to not have one in the world we live in. Email marketing can be one of the most effective tools you can use to open up communication, gain more clients, and ultimately improve your business. Social Media Similar to email marketing, a great way to market your business is to make use of what people generally spend most of their time on. We live in a world driven by social media! It is absolutely necessary that you become active on different platforms so that you can create a digital identity for you and your business.

- Video on social media is more important than ever these days. Try and make a commitment to post one video per week and/or share an Instagram story. Blog Writing Looking to generate more traffic on your website? Make blog writing a monthly priority to increase your SEO by producing fresh and original content. It’s also a great way to show those who view your site a glimpse of what your business stands for and what it is you can offer them as potential clients. Partnerships & Event Coordination There’s no better way to show people what your business is all about than for them to see it in person! Coordinating events and collaborating with other small businesses is a great opportunity to gain new clients and to get some serious networking done as well. Communicating With Clients Whether hand-written or through email, we encourage you to follow up with a small note thanking your client for their business. As your business grows, you want to build a respectable reputation by showing your clients your appreciation. This marketing task, while it may seem extraneous, will undoubtably set you apart from your competitors.

Asking for reviews is also a great monthly to-do to increase your business. Make it part of your project/invoice routine to ask for reviews from your clients. Networking Above all else, networking should be one of your greatest priorities when it comes to your monthly marketing tasks. In fact, every task that we have suggested here relates to reaching out to others and making connections. Marketing is not just about promoting your business—it’s grounded in establishing yourself in the industry and building relationships with those who can help you.

What are some of your monthly must-dos?



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