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Why quality photos matter!

An overarching dedication to quality content creation is part of the recipe for small business success. In a marketing landscape where photos and videos dominate the digital space, the importance of quality photos and videos cannot be understated.

So, why should small businesses even put time and effort into generating quality photo and video content for their marketing plan?

  • Improve brand recognition

    • Photo and video content that aligns with your small business' mission statement and existing marketing collateral is a great way to increase overall awareness of your small business. Photos and videos shot with specific themes, messages, and parameters in mind contribute to aesthetically engaging marketing content that exemplifies your small business' attention to detail and consistency.

  • Connect with existing and potential customers

    • A photo or video says a thousand words! Visual content allows consumers to connect authentically with your small business. A positive review accompanied by a picture of a customer is much more authentic and trustworthy than a review without a photo. Photos and videos breed familiarity, trust, and recognition of a small business if marketed correctly.

  • On-Site SEO Benefits

    • Marketing and brand visibility go hand in hand. Without photos and videos of marketing value, you won't be able to utilize SEO benefits to their fullest extent on your website. Including quality photos and videos with both alternative text and file names increases the likelihood of a higher search engine rank and rate of user traffic. SEO is an integral component of building a brand, and without quality content, achieving high rankings on search engines becomes more challenging.

Excited about incorporating photos and videos into your content marketing plan? Here are some tips that can help create captivating content…

  • Hire a professional (we can help you!)

    • Photography and videography aren't for everyone! Sometimes an investment in a professional is the best path to take. A professional can combine their industry expertise and your team's ideas to produce quality content. You may even be able to support another small business when hiring a professional! We can help!

  • Create a game plan

    • Content creation is a lengthy process. Everyone on your team should be part of this process, whether it be to brainstorm, schedule, or execute. A logistical framework will ensure all components are both collaborative and organized.

  • Understand your camera

    • Your picture and video quality will suffer without a nuanced understanding of your camera. Make sure you know how to modify exposure, utilize grid features, and adjust lighting appropriately to create the best possible result!

  • Be creative

    • New content needs to be eye-catching and exciting to the consumer! Use your team's creativity to produce content that accomplishes just that.

In today's marketing world, digital content can make or break your small business. Quality photos and videos further your brand's presence in all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. The tips above can help you, and your small business capitalize on the benefits of excellent digital content!


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