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15 Achievable Goals to Set for 2022

With 2021 (almost) in the rearview mirror, it is time to make some New Year's resolutions and set achievable goals for 2022. So when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we can all have a fresh start when the New Year begins. It is easy to think about goals for a new year as big life changes, but here are some achievable goals to set for 2022!

  1. Read one chapter of a book each day - this not only reduces time spent on social media but allows you to relax for a little each day!

  2. Create a regular exercise routine - exercising each day is unattainable for many. Still, it is essential to move your body, so creating a routine can hold you accountable, helping your physical and mental health.

  3. Create a morning routine - this will help your efficiency throughout the day with work and give you something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning.

  4. Prioritize your happiness - it's important to put yourself first and prioritize your happiness, creating a better environment for everyone in your life!

  5. Improve one soft skill - this could help in your professional and personal life and something that can constantly be worked on.

  6. Increase water intake - I think everyone can agree they need to drink more water, so in 2022 increase how much water we consume daily is very important.

  7. Prioritize spending time with your family - with everyone having different schedules; it may be challenging to find time to spend with your family. Still, it is important to have time each month to get together and catch up.

  8. Limit impulsive purchases - setting financial goals can be beneficial in the short and long term, and a good place to start is to limit spending money on impulse purchases.

  9. Stay consistent - motivation will fade as the year goes on, but it is essential to stay consistent with your goals in all aspects of your life.

  10. Declutter your home - clutter is bound to happen with many people sharing spaces, so focusing on keeping your home clean will help reduce stress!

  11. Eat more fruits and vegetables - this will help increase energy and improve your physical health!

  12. Focus on stress management - it is easy to get stressed over seemingly minor things. Still, this year we should all focus on managing our stress and considering the whole situation.

  13. Be present - many people think about other things when they are out with people. This year we should focus on being present and fully locked into who we are with.

  14. Be more reflective - as the year goes on, it is important to reflect on what you are enjoying in your life and what you would like to change moving forward.

  15. Acknowledge your successes! - It is easy to harp on the negatives in your life, but it is crucial to pat yourself on the back and be aware of the successes you have had so far and look forward to many more!

These are some goals to think about going into the New Year! I am wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022


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