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15 Ideas for Content Marketing

Creating content is one of the most complex parts of social media marketing. With limited pictures and sticking to a common theme, it can be challenging to develop new and creative content ideas. To help you make your content stand out and get the best results, here are 15 ideas for content marketing your small business should leverage!

  • Write blog posts - be informative and entertaining in the information you provide in your blog to attract customers to read it!

  • Refresh and reuse old content - transform the information you already have into something new if you run out of ideas for content!

  • Seasonal content - think about what topics are going on in your customer's minds throughout different seasons and focus your content around that.

  • Show your day-to-day life - showing how the business is run makes a deeper connection with consumers and allows you to create more content.

  • Start answering a "question of the week" - answering your customers' questions allows them to get to know you better and gives you future ideas for new content.

  • Share some statistics - customers love to see data to prove the brand is trustworthy. It is also an easy way to share content without having to come up with something completely new.

  • Make predictions - each small business owner is an expert in their field, and to prove this to consumers, you should make upcoming predictions in your industry.

  • Talk about your goals for the year - your ambitions will show how you expect your business to grow in the future and give customers something to look forward to.

  • Community-driven content - having an engaging community behind your business is beneficial for sales and getting new ideas for content!

  • Conduct interviews and surveys - send your customers surveys and conduct interviews with them to use as content to build trust.

  • Run a contest - this is an easy way for people to interact with your brand and gets new eyes to your page if they have to share the content to enter.

  • Use polls in your content - customers have strong views, and it could be beneficial to understand what side your customers are on and lean into that in the future.

  • Share a milestone - celebrating how long your business has been open for or a follower number; sharing a milestone is an easy way to create content and get people excited!

  • Introduce your team members - spotlight the real people helping to run the business and give them credit for all they are doing!

  • Tease an upcoming product or service - build suspense and keep your customers guessing about what is coming up in your business!

These are some simple tips to revive your social media marketing and ideas to create unique content. If you feel stuck or need help in this aspect of your business, don't hesitate to reach out!


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