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Five Tips On How Not To Look Like A Social Media Rookie!

With ever-changing and ever-improving social media outlets, there are great benefits to social media marketing for your business. Before you dive right in, make sure you don’t get caught up in rookie mistakes that could hurt your brand. Here are some tips on how you can become a shining social media star!

  1. Maintain a presence on all social media accounts. Be consistent with posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but don’t feel the need to share the same content on every social media outlet. Try cross promoting, not cross-posting by tailoring your message to each one of your platforms and audiences.

  2. Interact with your followers. I always try to remind myself of the “social” part of social media. It’s important to answer questions promptly and respond to comments to build camaraderie with you followers. Try following users who have similar photos and interests as you, as well. If a business follows you, give a follow back; this is a great networking opportunity. You can also use this time to inform your followers about your business and turn them into a customer!

  3. Don’t buy likes/followers. Having 1,000 followers does not correlate with social media success. If robots follow you, you will never build brand advocates because they aren’t real! You want your followers, along with your interaction to be real and organic. P.s. Don’t sweat unfollowers (it will happen).

  4. Use the right hashtags. Allow your business to become more visible by using hashtags relevant to each post. If you use hashtags that are trending, you can reach a maximum amount of users and a broader audience. A common rookie mistake is using excessive and/or irrelevant hashtags to your post and brand (try sticking with 5-10 relevant hashtags).

  5. Post about trends relevant to your business and more. Don't overly promote on social media. It is just as beneficial to talk about other businesses similar to yours, clients, or even give tips! Posting “buy, buy, buy” can become a bit daunting and turn your customer off.

*Note: Double check, even triple check your posts for correct spelling and grammar! Any misspelled words will draw negative attention to your account and decrease your professional credibility.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help your business reach its full potential on social media.



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