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4 Tips for Networking Success

It’s important to have a good following online, but also we also believe that it’s just as important to connect in person. Motivating yourself to find new opportunities in your very own community can be easy and fun with these following tips!

1. Research your local Chamber of Commerce

You don’t have to be a member to go to an event. Our advice is to look at your local Chambers event calendar to preview what networking opportunities there are as a non-member (most events can be attended as a non-member, you just will be more). This is a fantastic way to marketing your business and connect with a different target market & community!

2. Research networking events in your area and actually go!

We know life can get super busy but if you really want to promote your business you better carve out some time to attend local networking events. So maybe instead of planning a girls night out at a local bar, you research some local networking events and attend the event as a group. It will take the pressure off to go as a group... just make sure you're mingling with other people.

3. Don’t forget your business cards!

Remember why you're going to networking events in the first place... to share your business info! So you never want to attend a networking event empty handed. We love MOO for business card designs and quality.

4.Think about your social strengths/weaknesses

How comfortable are you in social settings? If you're not confident when mingling in crowds or introducing yourself to new people, it's important to think about what type of networking event would work best for you.

Morning events: If you're nervous about meeting new people we suggest attending morning networking events. Most morning events have smaller groups and are more structured with an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the crowd.

Evening events: If you're comfortable meeting new people than evening events could be great for you, as these tend to be more casual.

Let us know what your currently doing to connect your small business to your community?

Good Luck!

Taylor & crew |

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