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Points of Pinterest

Although Pinterest may not be your first go-to for a marketing plan, it does offer many unique opportunities for the growth of your business! For users, Pinterest is a great way to quickly find and share content, which results in a great marketing opportunity for businesses and business owners. It will help you introduce your business and blog (if you have one) to a whole new audience over multiple platforms! One pin can lead to 10 pins, which can lead to another 10 pins, and so on.


Pinterest can help convert more browsers into buyers

Pinterest is a great step to searching and finding products, sometimes without even knowing it. The benefit of having content that's easy to find in a Pinterest pin, allows it to be shared faster. This also makes it easier for people to get straight to the source. Pinterest users are more likely to convert into sales faster than from other social media sources!

Pins get you more inbound links

Since every pin on Pinterest contains a link, this is a perfect chance to lead the viewers back to your site. The more creative pictures and content you post, the more chances you have of leading Pinterest users back to YOUR page! And it's also a great opportunity to have others share and re-pin your posts.

Integrate your account

Pinterest is east to integrate with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account. This is the perfect opportunity to link all your social media content for consistency. It also enables you to automatically post new pins over a couple different news feeds for others to see.

Do you use Pinterest? If so, what if you have you found to be successful?

Thanks for reading!

Taylor & crew


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