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How To Avoid The Summer Slump!

As we near the end of the summer, your excitement over 80 degree weather may begin to diminish as you allow the heat wave to affect your daily productivity. Even though your business is normally at the forefront of your mind, chances are you are finding yourself daydreaming about all the summer distractions and the desire to drop all tasks. As this summer slump sets in, you can expect parts of your business to slow down. Here are a few tips to see how you can avoid a major setback by increasing your productivity for the remainder of the season!

Get Back into Daily Planning: You are less likely to abandon the priorities of your business if you schedule a day and time they need to be done. It’s crucial during this summer peak that you get back into the daily habit of planning and developing daily, weekly and monthly marketing plans. Although this time may seem fairly slow, take it as an opportunity to plan for September, October, and the months that you’ll find yourself with plenty to do! And remember, just because you have to work in the dead of summer doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the office all day—take advantage of local hot spots such as cafes or coffee shops in the area to sit down and begin planning!

Set Aside Time for Weekly Meetings: When all you can seem to do is think about taking a swim in the pool or hitting up your favorite beach spot, it’s almost impossible for you to get in the “working” mindset. Odds are, your coworkers are feeling the same exact way. Make it a priority to set aside time for weekly brainstorm meetings with your coworkers to get back on track with the creativity and efficiency of your marketing plans. Having a consistent weekly meeting schedule will help people prepare in advance to present new ideas and suggestions to keep your business rolling. It’s time to snap out of this summer daze so we can set ourselves up for a successful fall and winter!

What are some ways you use to avoid the summer slump?!

Thanks for reading, Taylor

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