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5 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday Season!

The holidays are in full swing and it has us reflecting on how lucky we are... We recently hit a milestone of 6 years in business and we couldn’t have done it without our clients, all of who are small business owners.

Not sure why shopping small is so important? Keep reading for our top 5 reasons why you should shop small this holiday season.

  • Your Local Economy Will Benefit – The busier local stores are, the more jobs they create. Each time you make a purchase at a small business, you are supporting a neighbor in the community or even a friend!

  • You Can Enjoy the Sales – This year, almost 70% of participating small businesses will offer discounts and specials on Small Business Saturday… It’s the perfect time to find personalized and high-quality gifts for loved ones.

  • It Encourages Community – All of our clients give back to their communities, whether they’re making generous donations to the local food bank or donating their time to help another local business in need, the good deeds never stop. Making a purchase at a small business keeps the cycle of paying it forward going.

  • You Will Benefit from Expertise – Sometimes shopping at large, corporate stores can be overwhelming… Local retailers have already done the hard work for you by hand-selecting quality inventory in advance… Not to mention, you’re more likely to find better customer service at a local shop.

  • When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance – Need we say more? Shopping small supports dreams of entrepreneurs!!

Thank you for reading and for loving local. Each year it becomes even more important for us to support, respect and highlight other small businesses and their owners. You can check out some of the amazing small businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working with here!

Also, check out 9 great gifts we think you'll enjoy giving this season & almost all are from small businesses in Massachusetts.

- Taylor & The Creative TK Team

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