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Make The Most Out Of Your Morning Commute

Everyone knows that morning commutes to work can be extremely stressful. Between dropping the kids off on time, looking professional, and making sure you remember everything, mornings can be a beast. Not to mention if public transportation is part of your routine, power to you.

Sometimes the simplest things can make your mornings more positive, such as, a good cup of coffee, a quick breakfast, positive music, or even an entertaining podcast to take your mind off a supposed tense day ahead. Living in Boston, I take the infamous green line every morning, and have learned some ways to motivate myself with the small things. I'm here to share some new ideas to brighten up your morning!


The Most Important Meal of the Day:

Starting off your day with the right cup of coffee and a healthy treat is always a step in the right direction. Here are some awesome places to try!

  • The FULLer Cup - Winchester Center - This adorable, small biz coffee shop is a perfect pit stop for your morning fix. They take pride in their local, fresh ingredients along with the relationships they build with their customers. Make yourself a familiar face!

  • Magic Bites Bakery & Cafe - Arlington - Step out of your comfort zone during your next commute and stop in to try their Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired dishes. Starting your morning with something new could spark new inspiration!

  • Bloc Cafe - Somerville - This cafe is definitely the one to visit if you have a little more time on your hands. They create a community environment with a funky atmosphere (actually built inside an old bank!). This cafe is super popular with the Union Square Business community. You can even order online and pick up if you're in a rush!

New Music:

Music is a plays a huge role on our current mood. We listen to music when we need a pick me up, need to relax, and even need to get motivated. Here are some new albums and songs to help put you into that "morning grind" mindset!

  • Magic by Ben Rector - This album came out earlier this year and is such a relaxing, fun album to listen to. His music is melodic, piano-driven, adult alternative contemporary pop with lyrics that sound like they're straight from a country ballad. You may recognize some songs of his because he has been a live performer on episodes of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. This album is sure to put you in a light-hearted happy mood during your early morning drive or ride. (Recommended songs: I Will Always Be Yours, Kids, and Over and Over)

  • Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood - Anything that Carrie releases is a masterpiece. She is an iconic woman in the music industry that is guaranteed to make you feel motivated and powerful during that lifeless commute. With catchy lyrics, strong vocals, and pop-based beats, you'll be singing your heart out in no time. Plus, listening to Carrie during football season is a MUST. (Recommended songs: Love Wins, Kingdom, and The Champion)

  • Know by Jason Mraz - Start your morning off with ease and pinch of ukulele solos. What better way? This romantic album has the power to brighten a pessimistic day. His folk-pop album leaves you with a soft smile and feeling full of hope. It is a perfect album for one of those days where you need to just be mindful about the day ahead, and focus on yourself. (Recommended songs: Have It All, Might As Well Dance, and No Plans)

Entertaining Podcasts:

  • Keep It - Ira Madison III - This podcast is an extremely humorous, upbeat listen based around pop culture. She discusses the social media of celebrities, award shows, the latest movies, and basically likes to poke fun and joke about them. It's a great way to start off your morning with a laugh, also while keeping up with the Kardashians.

  • Sandra - Sebastian Silva - If you need to get out of the real world for a bit, this podcast is what you need. It is a fictional story about a woman named Helen who lands a job at a company who creates an artificial intelligence called Sandra, which is like Apple's Siri. She becomes the one in charge of the voice, and it leads her into very interesting and comical situations. Right now, this is the hottest fictional podcast on air!

  • Caliphate - Rukmini Callimachi - If you don't have time to catch up on the news or read the paper (who even does that anymore) this podcast is right up your alley. These recordings, backed by the New York Times, take you deep into the problems and details behind terrorism and outside threats. It's a bit of a darker, more intense listen, but provides you with really detailed and educated reports on the topic.


We hope some of these suggestions sparked an idea or interest for your next busy morning. Just writing this, I cannot wait to stop into The FULLer Cup on the way to my next meeting and listen to Ben Rector on the train. Make your mornings as motivating and fun as possible. We're here to help!

- Alexa & Team

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