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10 Low-Budget Ways to Promote Your Business in A Pandemic

We get it, all the goals you set for 2020 now feel out of reach, and it's hard to find any momentum to promote your business. Trust us, we feel ya and have been working alongside many businesses throughout the pandemic to adjust and continue marketing their company. We've learned a ton and want to help you! To help you get motivated, we are providing you with ten easy (and low-budget) ways you can adjust and promote your business! 1. Communication is Critical:

Stay in touch with your clients and let them know about any changes or precautions you're taking. Plus, remind them that any temporary setbacks will end, and business will eventually resume as usual.

2. Increase Digital Spend:

There's been a HUGE increase in internet use (Forbes says the use it up by 70%) what an opportunity to get in front of your audience by strategically using Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads.

3. Provide Value Through Social Media: Social media, in general, should be a go-to for promoting your business. From the social stories to video posts, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn continue to be a must in any marketing campaign.

4. Rethink Your Website:

Do you own a brick and mortar store? Could you sell your product online? If so, it may be time to get your products online. We helped Helena's of Arlington get their clothing store online, and within a few weeks, she had over 52 orders with an ROI of 358%!

5. Improve Your SEO:

With all those people online, make sure your site is search-friendly!

6. Collaborate: Just because we have to wear a mask doesn't mean we cannot partner with other businesses. Align your marketing and beliefs with another local company to expand your reach and perhaps get new customers. Our clients, Mystic Wine Shoppe, teamed up with Arlington Eats to raise money through an online auction of a rare bottle of bourbon!

7. Volunteer Your Wisdom:

Doing good always feels right and will often lead to new opportunities. When the pandemic first happened, we wanted to help. So we offered our services for free and ended up improving/growing our partnership with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Do you have any local businesses you could align your business with? Or perhaps be a guest blogger for? Reach out!

8. Host A Webinar:

Have something important to say? Host an online webinar and share your wisdom! This coming month we are going to host a marketing webinar with the Arlington Chamber about how to get back out there and market your business!

Tip: Have participants register with an email address to grow your email list.

9. Submit Your Story:

Have exciting news, or did you win an award? Share the news with your local paper for some free exposure. We got our clients the front page of their local paper by announcing their business was opening amidst the panic of the pandemic. Another of our clients was going live on FB with music parades, and he got on National News!!! You never know :)

10. Utilize Social Media Groups:

Social media groups are a great way to find niche markets. Not only can you use these groups to promote your business, but you can use them to understand your market better. Asking the group to participate in surveys and asking for advice/opinions are just a few ways you can best use these groups. We hope you found some motivation after reading through these tips! Let us know if you should need help. We offer web, SEO, social media, email marketing and online advertising services.

xox Taylor

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