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Don't Ignore Your Google Business Account!

Are you using your Google Business Account? A Google Business Account is a crucial component to your small business success!

Here are three reasons why a Google Business Account is critical to your online presence as a small business…

  • An updated and professional account is guaranteed to improve your SEO ranking! In today's competitive market, a higher SEO rank may be the difference between a potential consumer choosing your business over another.

  • A Google Business Account is a great way to improve the credibility of your small business! Positive reviews and professional pictures can give your business a valuable leg up over competitors.

  • The availability of information often dictates the quick decision-making process that leads to many choices. A Google Business Account ensures that your address, phone number, and necessary preliminary information are at a potential customer's fingertips.

Convinced to make a Google Business Account or just curious about how to improve your current account? Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you maximize the benefits of a Google Business Account

  • Routinely upload professional photos: A thoughtfully curated collection of pictures on your profile will give potential customers a better understanding of how great your business is!

  • Encourage customers to post reviews: A profile with reviews that reflect an overall satisfaction and appreciation for your small business is integral to your success. Keep in mind that quality and quantity matter! A small business with an abundance of great reviews increases your credibility and the likelihood of a customer choosing your business.

  • Respond to reviews: Take some time each month to write some thoughtful and thorough responses! Consistent responses to reviews will further build your credibility and make it clear that your small business truly cares.

  • Utilize attributes feature: Make sure that your profile accurately reflects your small business industry. If you are a restaurant owner, upload your menu. If you are in the hotel industry, upload available amenities. Other general attributes include wheelchair accessibility, WiFi availability, and COVID-19 protocols.

A Google Business Account should be treated like an additional social media account! Frequent updates and thoughtful additions are a must to keep your small business relevant, sought after, and profitable.

We hope you found this helpful! Need help getting started? Feel free to reach out.

Taylor and co


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