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What is Brand Awareness?!

Working with small businesses is our passion. Helping people bring/improve their business is what our team loves to do. After all, our slogan is - Helping Small Businesses Enjoy the Ride!

We at Creative TK work with small businesses every day. Many owners know exactly where they want to go with their business, but some don’t, which is entirely okay, and that is where we come in! My team and I work with owners to determine their struggles, strengths, and how to improve their marketing efforts and brand awareness.

Whether we're helping a client create social media content or designing a company logo and website, we always spend time discussing the look/feel of the current brand and how important brand awareness truly is. If we're creating a new brand we discuss who their ideal consumer is, what message they want to portray, how they want their logo to make people feel, and their competition. These are all very important discussion points when creating a brand.

Brand awareness can be many things, from social media activity to physical brand images like consistent logo usage, photo quality, company layouts on emails, and flyers. When working with clients on a logo and branded designs, here are four things we keep in mind -

  • Simple: Simple designs (with a bit of creativity) go a long way.

  • Consumer: Who is your consumer? What do they care about? How does your brand/content related to them?

  • Trust: How can we create trust with our brand.

  • Consistent: Once you have a logo/brand image you need to carry this throughout all your marketing efforts -, social media pages, email blasts, and print designs!

How does your brand look? Are you designs consistent yet creative?

Thanks for reading!

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