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What type of networking is right for you?

Not sure what type of networking event is right for you? We understand that there are many different events to choose from. Taylor breaks down two types of events typically offered by your local chamber of commerce: morning and evening events.

Why we love a morning networking event:

  1. Structured Event Outline: Morning networking events often follow a more structured agenda, which can be beneficial for attendees. These events typically have a clear schedule, including designated networking time, presentations, and organized activities. This structured format helps attendees make the most of their time, ensures efficient networking opportunities, and provides a focused environment for productive interactions.

  2. More Likely to Attend: Attending networking events in the morning allows you to utilize the rest of your day effectively, leveraging the connections made to drive productivity and efficiency.

  3. Meet More Contact: The structure of the morning events allows you meet people without you having to make the first intro. Its a better choice to attend a morning event if you're new to the community!

We recommend using evening events as a complement to morning networking events. They provide an excellent opportunity to foster and deepen relationships established during the structured morning events. Attending an evening mix and mingle can be more overwhelming if you don't know anyone, but by leveraging connections made in the morning, you can navigate the evening event with greater ease and confidence.

Thanks for watching and following along, Taylor


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