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Why Create a Consumer Profile?

What's the point of creating content and putting together marketing collateral if it is not targeting the right audience? There is none! Marketing directed towards your target consumer will translate to more conversions and, ultimately, a more successful small business.

A consumer profile is the best way to create a plan to guide your content and marketing plans. Comprehensive consumer profiles should include the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral information that defines your target consumer base.

  • Demographics: Crucial demographic information includes gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, and marital status. Putting together this information will help paint a picture of who your desired customer is.

  • Geographics: The location of your target customer is crucial. A consumer profile will help your small business decipher if that range is within 50 miles of your storefront location, across the United States, or maybe even internationally. Geographic analysis can be as detail-oriented as a comprehensive look into an exact town or city.

  • Psychographics: Psychographic information like your desired consumers' hobbies and interests will help tailor your content to your consumer. Information about life goals and general habits will help create a comprehensive profile.

  • Behaviors: Behaviors in purchasing patterns will also help inform your small business' profile. Knowing whether your consumers are impulsive or deal-oriented can be helpful when creating marketing collateral.

The bottom line is that consumer profiles are essential! Your content will suffer without a comprehensive idea of who your target customer is. A consumer profile will help you know who the target consumer base is as well as determine how to market to them.

Download our FREE Consumer Profile worksheet to get your started.

Consumer Profile
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