Three Tips for Making Your Clients Feel Like A VIP

Are you missing a huge marketing step and not treating your clients correctly? Clients are the lifeline to your business and you cannot survive without them! Here are three tips to make your clients feel like a VIP: 1. Send hand-written notes. Did your client reach a milestone in their business? Did you just book an account with them? These are perfect times to send a 'thank you' or 'congratulations' note! Write the note in a branded card and deliver promptly. The extra time put into personal, handwritten notes shows sincere sentiment and will not go unnoticed. 2. Highlight your work with them. Announce your client in your eblast or on your social media platforms. Featuring a client on your

Five Tips For Successfully Working At Home (cc: Entrepreneurs)

Working from home is a blessing but can also be curse! If you're an entrepreneur or someone who is allowed to work from home, you frequently find that working from home can have its challenges. There are countless distractions that arise that can keep you from finishing the task at hand. While there is more flexibility, it is important that you don’t compromise productivity! Here are 5 great tips for successfully working at home that have helped the success of my business: Schedule out your time. Make a list the night before of work needed to be finished for the next day/week and prioritize as you see fit. Knowing when you are the most productive during the day is helpful, so you can manage

Four Amazing Sites For Free Images

I love a great photo just like anyone else does and as a small business owner it gets harder and harder to find the time to take my own gorgeous photos. To avoid getting hit with copyright infringement (see the defininition here) I usually use my own photos or purchase photos using or something similar. However, as of lately there are many websites popping up that provide you with FREE stock photos that are gorgeous and legally okay for you to use (yay)! So to avoid getting hit with a $8,000 fine use the following websites to find your own great photos. My favorite stock free photo sites StockSnap Life of Pix Skitter Photo Gratisography

Webinar: What social media platform is right for you?

This week I am focusing on helping small businesses figure out what social media platform is right for them. I think there is a lot of pressure feeling like you need to have presence on every single platform, but really, as a small business you don't have the time! Take a minute (19 to be exact) and watch my webinar so you can better understand what outlet is best for you.

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