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Three Tips To Improve Your Instagram Account!

Inspire with your photos and stand out when taking, editing and sharing your images. Not sure where to start? I am giving out three easy tips on how to make your personal and/or business Instagram a hit by keeping up with all the latest trends! It’s not just about hashtags, so read up on how you can really take advantage of this social media platform and start your Instagram takeover. 1. Make a visual statement with VSCO. The VSCO Cam is a FREE photo-editing app that offers more filters and advanced tools for you to choose from. Create a consistent filter and apply it to every photo you post. Also, try taking quality photos in the “square” option on your camera, after all this is how Instagram presents them, so it is one less thing to crop!

For your business: Keep it professional and only post relevant photos that represent your brand for increased exposure and credibility. Use this app to share blog posts or increase traffic to your company’s website as you experience a more professional looking account. 2. Tell a story by engaging your followers in a conversational tone. Be casual with your voice and post consistently throughout the week. Try posting at optimal times (when people wake up or go to bed) so your posts stay active and do not get lost in the shuffle.

For your business: Your story will be most effectively received if you are following people in your target audience as well as working towards growing your following. Avoid pitchy taglines, refrain from the “hard sell” and try connecting with your followers on a personal level to gain their interests. 3. Use to keep up with your Instagram analytics. Iconosquare allows you to access your total number of likes, most popular photos and comments, with weekly updates on your total number of followers. This platform also helps map out your Instagram statistics and measure the effects of marketing plans you have in place.

For your business: Iconosqure offers advanced analytics such as engaging your followers with a video or photo contest as well as promotion of your posts. Holding these contests will help you reach a larger audience in your target market; It's a similar idea to boosting a status on Facebook. Managing social media accounts can fuel your creativity as a way to express your personality and style to the world. Try out these three tips on your Instagram and and let us know if you see an increase in likes and follows! Happy posting,


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