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3 Great Date Ideas to Stay Local this Valentine’s Day

Looking to do something different this year for Valentine’s Day? Time to break free from the boring roses and heart-shaped box of chocolates. Been there, done that. Prove with these ideas just how creative you can be while staying local and without blowing your budget. 1. Buy Some Sweet Treats From a Local Bakery Forget all of that overpriced candy you see year after year. Instead, spend your Valentine’s Day by treating your sweetheart to a dessert from a local bakery. Trust me, taking some time to relax in a small shop while enjoying the aromas of made-from-scratch goodies will warm any girl’s heart. This is also a great way to give your valentine something that is handmade without having to make it on your own (especially if you’re not the best cook like some of us!). Or are you looking to get festive by throwing a Valentine’s Day themed office party? Pick up a cake from your local bakery and treat your office to something decadent to celebrate the holiday.

Some of our favorite spots are:

2. Shop for the Perfect Gift at Local Boutiques Valentine’s Day can be one of the most stressful holidays when it comes to gift-giving since we are overwhelmed by the same gift options every single year. It’s time to take advantage of what local boutiques have to offer to find that special gift. This is a great way to discover authentic, repurposed, and simply fun pieces that no one else will have. Shopping at a local boutique allows you to choose from products that have a handmade quality to them so that you can save yourself from having to crank out the craft tools and attempt a DIY project. You can either go in before February 14th and keep your gift a surprise, or make a day out of it and spend the holiday shopping together to find something that will remind the two of you of the day you shared on Valentine’s Day, 2017. Your sweetheart will not be disappointed! Some of our favorite shops are:

3. Have Your Own Wine Tasting at Home One way to really stay local is to celebrate Valentine’s Day right in your own home while still treating it like a night out! Prepare a romantic meal for your sweetheart, but add a little twist by visiting a local shop to select a few different wines for your own personal tasting. This is a great way to add sentimental value to this Valentine’s Day since you can select your favorite wine from the night that the two of you have tasted as a souvenir of the wonderful evening you shared. Keep the night comfortable and intimate while still making it as special and romantic as it would be if you had dined out. After all, some of the best memories you have are the ones you make at home. Some of our favorite shops are:

Where are some of your favorite spots? Or ideas?

Thanks for stopping by,

The Creative TK Team



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