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Small Biz Spotlight: Revolve Boutiques

As we enter a new season and say goodbye to the warm summer months, what better way to welcome fall than go shopping? Maybe you need a new coat or want to treat yourself to something designer? We highly recommend a visit to a Revolve Boutiques location near you!

Revolve Boutiques owner, Lisa Castagno, understands that a wardrobe full of quality and fashionable pieces can be costly. In 2009, Lisa set out to pair high-quality and affordable fashion with a welcoming environment at her first Revolve Boutique location. Almost 15 years later, Revolve Boutiques has five storefront consignment locations and an online presence that offers everything from Louis Vuitton and Prada accessories to everything Madewell and Free People. All of the brands that seem far too expensive in department stores become more affordable and attainable at Revolve Boutiques.

If I haven't convinced you yet to take a trip to a Revolve Boutique, shopping at consignment stores is also great for the environment! Their inventory is all used items that must be in perfect condition and meet the trends of the season. Revolve Boutiques creates a little bit more sustainability in a fashion industry that has evolved to become the second largest contributor to pollution in the world. What is better than buying a designer bag for a fraction of the price with the added satisfaction of knowing that you are shopping sustainably?

Next time you are looking to refresh your wardrobe, pay Revolve Boutiques a visit in-store in Belmont, Winchester, Newton, Reading, or Newbury Street! Don't have the time in your busy schedule to make the trip? Shop Revolve Boutiques' online store - you definitely won't be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Revolve Boutique


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